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Serbian Girls

In the past few years, Serbian girls have changed a lot. They have evolved from scared girls, afraid to ask for something they needed, to modern, sophisticated and self-conscious girls. The wars in the region had a huge impact on everybody’s lives, and so it did on theirs. But today is a different story. The first thing that most strangers notice when they come to Serbia are the Serbian girls. So the question is – why? What makes them so special and different in comparison to other girls from all over the world?

Here are some impressions of the world travelers that have visited Serbia:

"It is not even a week since I landed at Belgrade, but it did not take me more than an hour on the streets of Belgrade to realize that there is something very special about this place. On the first day, I am walking to work & 99.9% girls seen on the street are hot facially, have great eyes, nice complexion & a figure that would give any movie actress (Bollywood, Hollywood whatever) a complex."

"Now I am really not exaggerating here when I say that every single girl I saw in Belgrade, Serbia had a perfect figure. Not just slim, or model skinny, but ideally proportioned, with long legs, a real waist going into curvy hips and a round bottom, proper bosoms, and that perfectly flat stomach. Completely, utterly flat, like an ice-skating rink. They’ve all got deep-golden skin, too."

"All I can say is that the Serbian girls have charm and charisma as well as brains and beauty."

Now, where do all these comments come from? Is it about the food? Genetics? Climate? The Moon and the stars? Nobody knows. But, the fact is that Serbian girls are hot and also very smart! There are men that say that, due to their looks and consciousness, the Serbian girls are impossible to reach. Yes, maybe they won’t look at you at the streets, while you are staring at them, stunned by their beauty, but why should they? On the other hand, if you go out at a night club, you will find all those girls you were staring at on the street, just relaxed, smiling and having the wildest and greatest times of their lives. One of the best ways to approach them is to have a good story, possibly original, to be charming and witty. But just like with any other girl from any other country!

Note for Serbian speakers: Uglavnom prihvatamo članove dijaspore, koji nemaju partnera, za upoznavanje u ovim državama. Ovo je najpopularnija sajtovi za upoznavanje u dijaspori za Srbe.
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