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Serbian Women

In Serbia there is a joke that says: A French woman on her left side has a husband, on her right side a lover, behind a questionable past, in front a brilliant future and on her head a fancy hat. A Serbian woman, on the other hand, has shopping bags on her left side, children on her right side, behind a nice past, in front no future and "on her head" – a husband!

The period in which women in Serbia depended on their husbands and fathers wasn't so long time ago. And the consequences are present even today. A life of Serbian woman is mostly dedicated to men. But apart from that, Serbian women always look good, they take care of themselves, of their husbands, children, house, they work 8 hours a day at the office and then come back home to work for their men. A Serbian woman balances between her own desires and the norms of the patriarchal society, torn apart between the modern era and the tradition. She is at the same time a countrywoman from Sumadija, a princess from the Austrian court, a harem beauty from the East, a mother, a warrior, a "virgin widow", an excellent lover, a lady, a scientist, a writer, a peasant woman, a superwoman.

So basically, women in Serbia (and generally in Balkans) are still trying to find themselves. They want to be modern career women, they want to make their own destiny, but the past and the mentality of the region is preventing them from doing so. "It’s not supposed to be. It's not meant to be." is the general excuse. But they are fighting it. Serbian women have the common Mediterranean character, they are nice when they need to be nice, but if you make them angry, beware!

Some people claim that the Serbian women are the most beautiful. They are generally very tall, with long legs, with an hour-glass figure (of course, there are exceptions everywhere!). You may attribute it to genetics, or to the women taking great care of themselves. They are also very strong and proud. Because of that, some men consider them arrogant and with very high opinion of themselves, but actually, you can approach each one of them, if you have a good story and if you find an original way to do it (just like in any other country).

In conclusion, with Serbian women you can have it all: a hot woman, a passionate woman, an angry woman, but also a gentle woman, a caring woman, a dedicated woman, a loving woman, but above all – a mother. All you have to do is come to Serbia and see for yourself!

Note for Serbian speakers: Uglavnom prihvatamo članove dijaspore, koji nemaju partnera, za upoznavanje u ovim državama. Ovo je najpopularnija sajtovi za upoznavanje u dijaspori za Srbe.
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